Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our day.....Puerto Nuevo


  1. Those lobsters found a fresh looking Ron to pose with.
    We all shopped in Puerto Nuevo, especially Maureen who didn't have any money and then ate a fabulous lunch together.
    Everyone wanted to make us the best deal of the day "almost free".
    Now we are all lazily sitting around just waiting to work on our first Esperanza home. We can't wait for tomorrow.
    Happy birthday to my sister Julie,
    Written by Kris

  2. Since today is church day, I wore my best-est pants, my capris :) and then they served margaritas instead of wine.
    Other then that, things were pretty a-okay, since I was able to pick on Josie to get rid of my stress.
    I'm so happy that my best friend is here, Josie, cause she's always nice.

    - thanks for your support, from Monsieur Jorge Saulnier scribbed by Josie