Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 5.....we built walls for the new home, poured cement into them and poured a roof.

What a day today!!!!! We started out at the work site (that has both houses on it) building walls for one of the homes. It was very successful although precision was needed, an excellent job was done. After the walls were up, we poured cement into the walls and made sure that all the finishing touches were made to it. In the meantime, Eduardo was still waiting for the cement truck to arrive. If it did, we would pour the floor. We were tired but ready to pour the floor.....low and behold, the cement truck came and we started to pour the floor. It was another moment to be proud of as the group held up very well and we got the job done. All in all......a fantastic way to end the work week!!!!

We learnt a lot from the community this week. The community really came together and helped us with every part of the process. It nice to see that LOVE REALLY HAS NO BORDERS!!!! We were welcomed and we welcomed them into our hearts and lives.

I learnt a lot this week which I will take back with me and keep it in my heart. Esperanza is doing so much good for the families of Tijuana. They teach them to build community and to look out for each other. Many good lessons will be carried with us back home to the US and shared with family, friends....etc....

The challenge is to live out our faith by doing the best that we can for the good of step at a time......that way, we will all be able to help the world!

- Mona.

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