Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 1: Done, 4 More to Go

Today we finished the 1st day of real work after having lots of fun during the weekend leading to this day. One one hand, I was able to do a lot of earth moving, preparing concrete and moving bricks around. On the other hand, I have a sore throat and it looks like I might be coming down with something, hopefully a shot of Nyquil will help be in better shape tomorrow.

As always, there are unexpected situations. The house site sits on a hill that used to be at the bottom of the ocean. The fault lines of ancient earthquakes are clearly visible. The displacements were 1in and 4in. As we dug around, we also found lots of ancient sea shells. George (aka Jorge) was kind enough to explain some of the geology of the hill.

As always, these trips are really enjoyable, no matter how hard the actual work might seem.

Cheers to all,
-- Gerry

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  1. AWWWW podresito papichuli :(
    hills always seen to make the work a little hard, hope you all enjoyed it