Saturday, September 11, 2010

night time on a saturday night

what a lovely night to spend with my buddies and kimberly.
it is easy to enjoy a night at the posada after getting lost thanks to mona on the way here. :) Actually, it might have been my fault, since I was navigating...
Then later
Kimberly ate so many tacos I could have fed all of tijuana. But she' s nice, so don' t judge her. (view accompanying photos)

- George. jk... from Josie.

The following are Kimberly' s thoughtful thoughts:

So if you didn't know before, I'm actually the new long term volunteer here down in Tijuana for Esperanza International. I'm originally from Rhode Island, went to school in New York, and just graduated with my degree in Social Work. I was happy to welcome the St Louise Adult Trekkers... not to be confused with Star Trekies. : ) Josie is pretty unique. I'm sure we'll get along great. It was great to hear that the group wanted to shop locally for this weeks food... so we took a trip to the Ley and quickly did some shopping. After getting to know the members of the group, it was time for dinner! We ALL filled up on some good food from the taqueria. I can already tell that this week is going to be filled will amazing memories and hard work.

Thoughts from Josie:
Kimberly's memory seems to be slightly skewed. When she says "we ALL filled up on some food.." she really means "mostly I filled up on some food..."
: )
I love you mom.

Good night from the Posada..............

Today has been a really good day. It seems like everyone had a great time including Maureen and Julie (our newbees). It's 8:31 PM and some people are reading, some are in bed and some are enjoying their time just relaxing. We are looking forward to tomorrow......Mass, Puerto Nuevo and some more good times.

- Mona.

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  1. Please inform Kimberly(the NEW long term volunteer) that she got the worst Narvaja and not all 7 of us are like her :-P