Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 3.......we put in foundation blocks and poured cement in them

Another good day for the St. Louise Adult Trekkers! We got to the work site, eager and ready to work (as always) and we accomplished a lot. We laid in the foundation blocks and had a lot of rebar to tie. We wired the joint :) After building up to about 7 high, we poured cement into the foundation. It was a job well done but most of us were covered in A LOT of cement.

The work today required a lot of patience especially since a lot of precision work needed to be done. People were very patient and they kept switching in on jobs with others who were in the line for a long time.

Today is the Mexican Independence Day and about 11 Adults are going to be going to somewhere near La Morita to enjoy the evening. Some of us are staying back since we really worked hard :)

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