Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 2.......we poured a floor!!!!

We had a wonderful day today!!! We got to complete and pour a floor for one of the homes that we were working on. Tomorrow we are going to be working on building more of the foundation of the second home.....hopefully to the point where we get to pour the second floor! Everyone worked so hard today....too hard as they weren't taking as many water breaks but Kris and myself kept reminding everyone to hydrate....hydrate and hydrate :)

We had a suprise visit from Aimee Khuu. For those of you who don't know who Aimee is, she is the volunteer coordinator who schedules the slots for the groups who want to come and volunteer in Tijuana for the week. She flew in late last night from Oaxaca and spent about an hour talking to us about the AMAZING work there. From nothing to having the people over there build their trust in Esperanza to having their homes built with volunteers.......all in all....things are really picking up in Oaxaca. Esperanza is looking for volunteer groups to go down and help with the construction of the homes. So if it's something that will fit in your schedule please contact Aimee Khuu at Esperanza International.

There were so many community members that came up to help today....they almost matched the number of people in our group. I always wonder if people would come out and help in Seattle or any part of the US like they do here???? Or would we need to continually ask people to come out and help??? The dedication of the community members amazes me because it not only helps the work go faster but it also shows support for other families.
- Mona

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